Water Marble Prototypes!

Hey guys! I’ve got some water marbles on deck! I absolutely love water marbling. It can be a little messy, but once you’re able to get your designs down, it’s so rewarding!

For my marbling, I use a small cup filled with room temperature  filtered water. I make sure to use polish that hasn’t thickened also(the thicker the polish, the less it will spread on the water). 

Here’s what I came up with: 


Water marbling works really great for short and long nails. Give it a shot! Good luck!

Stay tuned…



Galaxy Nail! Voxy’s Version :]

Hey guys! I’ve seen many versions of the Galaxy Nail Art design.

Here’s my version:

I loved how they came out! And not too difficult to do, either. Give it a try! There’s plenty of versions on YouTube. Good luck!

Stay tuned…


New Nail Art Manicure: “Going On A Stripe”

Hey guys!

So here’s a 2 a.m. mani for ya! I’m calling it “Going On A Stripe” (hehe). 

Here it is:

I actually used some very inexpensive polish to create this look. Each bottle was less than $2! 

Here’s what I used: 

To create this look, I used some regular scotch tape and some dotting tools. 

If you like this look and would like to re-create it, I will gladly post a few pictures of my process!

Stay tuned for new looks!


Nail CareTip: Ladies…Buff Your Nails!

Hey guys! 

I bought a basic nail buffer from Sally Beauty to help smooth my natural nails. I’ve used buffers many times before, and they generally give a good smoothness and shine. In the past I’ve purchased the cheaper ones at Wal-Mart, and they were just alright…

But then…

I used the buffer from Sally’s and this happened: 

That’s not a clear coat of polish , guys! That’s my nail, and the fabulous nail buffer I used! 

Once I used it, polishing my nails was very easy as they were very, very smooth. As you can see, the shine is incredible. 

So Buff Your Nails! You can do this between manicures to give your nails a break to prevent yellowing. 

Stay tuned for more tips !


Coming soon…Manicure Must-Haves and Summer Color Combos!

I’ve got some absolute MUST-HAVES I use during my manicures. I’ll be sharing with you guys each product I love, where you can get them, and, most importantly, why they work

I’m also exploring more color combinations that I love love love. I’ll most likely do some leopard with whatever combination I come up with :] 

Stay tuned…